Curatorial Philosophy

As a curator, I see my role as facilitator. I connect artists and institutions, objects and audiences. The work I do is an ongoing exploration that involves dialogue, research, contextualization and a visually grounded outcome. It requires that I am aware and open. It is broad-based and encompasses not just the visual arts, but arts and culture in general, as well as issues of class, race, history, sex, and politics. 

As a curator working within a small Midwestern and Inland Sea community, I look for art that is relevant locally yet driven by universal concerns and global dialogues. Talking with artists, visiting their studios and spending time with their work is a privilege and it is my privilege to relay to others with discernment and respect, to transfer these experiences from the private to public, to present them in exhibitions that engage, educate and raise awareness. I favor opportunities that provide artists with spaces to experiment and explore new concepts, mediums or practices, or critically expand upon an existing body of work. These projects take on particular depth and significance. Similarly, I value what can be curatorially accomplished in alternative spaces and through creative collaboration. 

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