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Alanna & Massimiliano

The spring interview in ArtNews with Alanna Heiss of P.S.1 and Massimiliano Gioni of the New Museum would be an excellent addition to any museum studies bibliography. 

Favored quotes:

"They were guerilla efforts and I wanted [instead] to be a grown-up radical. A grown-up radical starts her own thing and sees it through, takes the criticism from other radicals and tries to solve problems instead of marching." AH

"There is a moment in the 90s when the idea of the underground and the mainstream completely dissolved...I see the New Museum today, as it has emerged, as going through that transformation. It is sort of an alternative institution that I hope has its heart in the right place, has the right agendas, and has an interest in different voices still very much alive that can speak to a larger audience less attached to an idea of an underground that doesn't exist anymore." GM

"I think you hit on it a little earlier with Massimiliano, whose strength turns out to…

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