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If I Were a Man _____. A New Project by Artist Lea Bult

Artist Lea Bult is working on a series of portraits in which she invites women to contemplate the following: "If I were a man _____." Bult sits with each woman, listening to her responses and having brief dialogue. She then takes notes of the woman by photographing her from various angles. This source material is used by the artist to paint a masculinized portrait of the woman, as she might appear if she were a man.

What led you to this series?

Actually it's hard to pinpoint a specific point in time that led me to it. It's something that I've always wondered about, even as a little kid, what would it be like if I was a boy? I think that my interest in exploring the topic as a creative concept became more solidified as I navigated my career as an artist. I think that there is a huge disconnect between male and female lived experience that affects all aspects of our lives, and especially our professions. I've also been thinking about this disconnect in my relati…

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